• The Preamble to The Constitution of India says WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a [Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic] and to secure to all its citizens :

JUSTICE social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the [unity and integrity of the Nation];


To realise the Aims and Objects set out in this Preamble namely JUSTICE,LIBERTY,EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY would constitute the Aims and Objects of the AMBEDKARITE PARTY OF INDIA.

"These being the Aims and Objects of the Party, the attitude of the Party in public affairs will be governed by the following Principles:

  1. It will treat all Indians not only as being equal before the law but as being entitled to equality and will accordingly foster equality where it does not exist and uphold it where it is denied.
  2. It will regard every Indian as an end in Himself with a right to his own development in his own way and the State as only a means to that end.
  3. It will sustain the right of every Indian to freedom, religious, economic and political-subject to such limitations as may arise out of the need for the protection of the interest of other Indians or the State.
  4. It will uphold the right of every Indian to equality of opportunity subject to the provision that those who have had none in the past shall have priority over those who had.
  5. It will keep the State ever aware of its obligations to make every Indian free from want and free from fear.
  6. It will insist on the maintenance of liberty, equality and fraternity and will strive for redemption from oppression and exploitation of man by man, of class by class and of nation by nation.
  7. It will stand for the Parliamentary System of Government as being the best form of Government both in the interest of public and in the interest of the individual.” The attitude of the Party in public affairs will further be governed by the following Principles and Policies.
  8. It shall uphold the 'Constitutional methods' for achieving the social & economic objectives, cultivate 'Constitutional morality', agitate with 'public conscience' and practise Republicanism + Rationalism + Constitutionalism + Humanism for creation of an Enlightened India [and Enlightened World].(a) It shall make the Parliamentary Democracy truly representative & participatory by guaranteeing representation to all including women, provided those who are unrepresented or under represented shall be given priority.
  9. It shall insist for Electoral System & Electoral Laws which are in consonance with the Parliamentary Democracy and guarantee a proper representation to all in a Republican India, to constitute a Government by the People, of the People,  for the People.
  10. It shall guarantee Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms to the People of India and strive for their realization; while doing so it shall recognise the Human Rights of all humanbeings of the world and strive for a 'civilized life' and 'humanitarian civilization.'
  11. It shall strive to foster Democracy and Human Rights at global level.
  12. It shall install 'Ambedkarite Government' which will be a Bahujan Government + Labour Government + Democratic Government + Republican Government + Constitutional Government + Humanitarian Government.
  13. It shall provide Good Governance, a Humane Governance.
  14. It upholds "Ambedkarism" i.e. Equality + Liberty + Fraternity + Justice + Dhamma [Universal Humanism & Morality; Reason, Truth, Science, Rationality; Welfare of all Humanbeings and Wellbeing of all living beings] as the best Philosophy, Ideology, Principle, Policy, Programme, Goal and Movement of Humanlife. As such Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Plan of Individual, Society, State & Nation [DAPIS2N] declared on 14th April 2012CE at Nagpur under NPTSIA shall form the 'Policy Document'  of the Ambedkarite Party of India and shall be binding upon the Party under this Constitution. Blue, the colour, and the Emblem depecting the above principles, policies, ideology, movement, concept and culture of Ambedkarism shall be adopted by the Party as its flag, identity and symbols to convey its Aims and Objects to the People.
  • Special focus on Bahujan Samaj for a Republican and Democratic India :The Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Denotified & Nomadic Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Religious & Linguistic Minorities, Labouring & Working Classes known as the Bahujan Samaj and who are discriminated, deprived, excluded, exploited & oppressed due to caste & caste capitalism in India [or Abroad] shall receive a special attention by the Party to realize dignity, equality, liberty, fraternity, justice for these People by "effective remedies."The Party shall Educate ! Agitate !! Organise !!! these People of Bahujan Samaj of India.
  1. To guarantee them dignity & development.
  2. To guarantee them Fundamental Rights & Human Rights and create effective remedies for their realization.
  3. To end caste (and racial, ethnic, gender, religious etc.) discrimination & deprivation from all spheres of national life.
  4. To enable an all round human centered development in all spheres of life.
  5. To emancipate their socio-economic status and guarantee them a 'decent & dignified life', realizing pursuit of a 'civilized life' and 'humanitarian civilization.'
  6. To empower them in all spheres of humanlife so as to enable them to decide upon the rights and duties of citizenry and humanity.

The Party by all the above shall build up a 'Democratic & Republican India' a 'Constitutional, Scientific, Modern & Democratic India' based on the principles of Equality + Liberty + Fraternity + Justice + Dhamma.

The Party shall build up Bharat i.e. India into a PraBuddha Bharat or Enlightened India; a 'New India' - which is just, equal, equitable, moral, modern, rational, scientific, welfaristic, pragmatic, progressive, prosperous, powerful, humane & enlightened.