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Ambedkarite Party of India – API

“Declared” on 14th April 2012CE from Nagpur – Capital of Movement under ‘National Plan To Succeed In Ambedkarism [NPTSIA]’ after making public ‘Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Plan of Individual, Society, State and Nation [DAPIS2N]’ was “formed” on 14th April 2013CE and accordingly accorded “registration” by ECI on 6th December 2013CE (BE 2557, AE 122). API thus became a historical socio-political organization which was “formed” on 14th April (i.e. the Birthdate of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar) and “registered” on 6th December (i.e. Mahaparinirvan Day of Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar).

API is a political wing of Sangh [AIMBSCS] formed on the basis of ‘Ambedkarism’ for the implementation of “Policy of Ambedkarism” [and Constitution of India, Human Rights] and guaranteeing true representation to the People of India for making our Parliamentary Democracy truly representative & participatory for the establishment of 8 Democracies of Dr. Ambedkar viz. Political, Parliamentary, Constitutional, Social, Economic, Labour, Intellectual & Moral Democracy and creating an ‘Enlightened India’, which is just, moral, humane and enlightened.

Policy of Ambedkarism is not merely a welfare policy. It is a radical emancipatory policy of Human Liberation and good. API is the first political party of India which has declared its policy of government/governance even before its formation or coming to power. Dheeman Vijay Mankar is the founder National President of API and shall look after its affairs in addition to the present responsibility of National Organiser of Sangh [AIMBSCS].

Peoples Initiative - Fill the form below and ‘Vote’ for declaring 14th April as ‘Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Day’ by UNO.

Ambedkarite Party of India